Vovan Law Group Members


Vovan Bangkok

Well-established Thai law firm founded in 1998 in Bangkok with the Paris based firm VOVAN & ASSOCIES. As a boutique law firm, Vovan Bangkok holds the 4 licenses for legal services in Thailand: Lawyers, Patent Attorneys, Notarial Services & Debt Collector. The firm is an active member of a network of 70 Independent law firms in more than 30 countries.

Vovan Phuket

Vovan Phuket provides legal services and cross-border investment advisory to clients. The main legal practice focuses on relocation, real estate, family law, and inheritance. The business consulting part encompass market entry and access to Thailand through this southern province business forum and events such as “Living in Phuket”. Our clients in Phuket can be assured they are obtaining the appropriate advice pertaining to their interests.

Troca STA legal

Troca STA LEGAL are our partner in Pattaya. Set-up in 2015 in Banglamung, Troca STA is the law firm of the group for the Eastern Sea Board and the newly launched Eastern Economic Corridor (Thailand 4.0). The legal practice focuses on family law, inheritance, real estate, and corporate.


Vovan Myanmar

Vovan Myanmar provides business consulting and cross-border investment advisory to clients. Our clients are from the transportation, logistic, telecom, and hospitality management sector. M&A and contract work are among the regular inquiries in Myanmar.

Trocadelyo BM

Trocadelyo’s Business Matching Company, registered in Bangkok, is a venture regrouping the expertise of individual partners with extensive business connections and experience in South East Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Goriou Siam

It offers accounting, audit and advisory services, labor advisory and inbound and outbound assistance designed for companies to solve their accounting and tax challenges in ASEAN. Goriou Siam provides business consulting to retain talented people while complying with accounting standards.



Registered in Bangkok, specialized in consulting for the real estate in Asia. Its clients are individuals or companies seeking to buy, sell, invest or manage property development.


Is the trading entity of the group specialized in window covering, sunscreen and vertical blinds.


Registered in Bangkok, specialized in consulting for the Direct Marketing and Distribution (DM) services and the healthcare industry in Asia. Its clients are European DM and health care suppliers/manufacturers seeking to expand market share in ASEAN and Africa.