Coaching & Recruitment in Bangkok

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Recruitment & Coaching in Bangkok

Improve your Human Ressources Management

Trocadelyo Experts services are designed for companies to solve their recruitment challenges in Thailand. We provide HR consulting for companies to hire and retain talented people while implying with legal and immigration framework.

Whether your company is a complex global enterprise or a growing mid-sized business, Trocadelyo HR solutions improve benefits delivery, reduce compliance risk and enable your company to focus on more strategic issues.

We communicate in local languages, English and French. Contact us to find out how we can help to achieve your business objectives.

Professional Coaching & Recruitment Advisors

Over 15 years of experience

Our HR consulting services and advice include the following:

  • Recruitment, employment benefits, talent retention
  • Social Security and administrative procedure monitoring
  • Work permit, visa, and related immigration processes
  • Regulations, employment contract, work rules advisory
  • Termination negotiation and dispute mitigations
  • Coaching and Cross-cultural workshop by ICF (International Coach Federation) certified coach

Do you need advises about recruitment and Labor laws? Our Trocadelyo Legal Advisors are here to assist you.

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