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Business Matching

About our Business Matching Services

Trocadelyo’s Business Matching Company, registered in Bangkok, has been formed through a venture regrouping the expertise of partners with extensive business connections and experience in South East Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Trocadelyo BM is a customized:

  • Matching service dedicated to helping you identify and screen potential business partners in South East Asia. We arrange business matching appointments for you to meet the prospective companies. You can start business negotiations immediately for a trade relationship, a franchise, a joint venture or an acquisition.
  • Trading and business advisory partner helping you to source products, services, and technology from and to South East Asia. Our clients are mainly importers or exporters of commodities such as rice, sugar, processed food, cement, steel, construction material, drip irrigation, water treatment, medical equipment and mosquito prevention products.

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Our business matching process consists of:

  • Understanding your needs and details
  • Identifying potential business partner(s)
  • Confirming inquiry interest and capability
  • Connecting you to the ideal partner(s)

We communicate in local languages, English and French. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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